Friday, November 4, 2011

YOUTHSAT Satellite

YOUTHSAT is a joint Indo-Russian stellar and atmospheric satellite mission with the contribution of students from Universities at graduate, post graduate and research scholar level. With a lift-off mass of 92 kg, Youthsat is a mini satellite and the second in the Indian Mini Satellite (IMS) series.

Youthsat mission intends to investigate the relationship between solar variability and thermosphere-Ionosphere changes.

The satellite carries three payloads, of which two are Indian and one Russian. Together, they form a unique and complete package of experiments for the investigation of the composition, energetics and dynamics of earth's upper atmosphere.

The Indian payloads are:
RaBIT (Radio Beacon for Ionospheric Tomography) - For mapping Total Electron Content (TEC) of the Ionosphere.

LiVHySI (Limb Viewing Hyper Spectral Imager) - To perform airglow measurements of the Earth's upper atmosphere (80- 600 km) in 450-950 nm.

The Russian payload.

SOLRAD - To study temporal and spectral parameters of solar flare X and gamma ray fluxes as well as charge particles in the earth polar cap regions.