Thursday, December 12, 2013

First trajectory correction manoeuvre on Mars Orbiter successfully done by ISRO

The first flight Correction Man-oeuvre of India's maiden heavenly body mission to Mars was on Wednesday dispensed with success by Isro scientists on the satellite, that is presently traveling some a pair of.9 million kilometer removed from Earth.

"The initial flight Correction Man oeuvre (TCM) of satellite was dispensed with success at 06:30 hrs (IST) by firing the twenty two Newton Thrusters for a length of forty.5 seconds. The satellite is traveling at a distance of regarding twenty nine hundred thousand (2.9 million) kilometer removed from Earth," ISRO aforementioned during a statement.

The TCMs fine tune the flight of the satellite to stay it traveling within the meant track towards the superior planet.

Today's correction was dispensed by the pc on board the satellite, since the quantity of your time needed for the signal to travel and come back was regarding twenty seconds, as mum was already traveling regarding some a pair of.9 million kilometer away, ISRO said.

"MOM team is gaining active expertise in handling the communication delay because it keeps increasing step by step," it said.

The satellite had quarantined of the Earth’s orbit on December one. The Indian Space Research Organization (Isro) has planned four TCMs throughout its journey to Mars. The man-oeuvres area unit required to stay the satellite on the specified path. it's additionally essential for maintaining the specified speed.

"The eight thrusters on board are going to be laid-off exactly to steer the mum to Mars throughout the flight Manoeuvrings Correction (TMC). Our navigation team has currently got an exact understanding of the precise flight of mum supported the vary and speed information non-heritable over the many days since the Trans-Mars Injection (TMI). now's the time to eliminate the minor deviations within the flight," Isro aforementioned.

Mangalyaan is on its 680-million-km voyage to Mars. If it makes it, Asian nation can be a part of a pick club comprising the America, Russia and Europe. Once within the Mars orbit, the orbiter’s 5 payloads can then begin performing arts experiments for following six months.