Friday, February 11, 2011

Technoloy Transfer And Industry Co-operation

The Indian space program has been pursuing a logical and well defined policy for transfer of know how products / technologies developed by the Indian Space Centers. The objectives have been manifold, viz., to facilitate greater participation of Indian industries in various space projects, their applications in the commercial domain and to take benefit of ‘Spin-Offs’ of such technologies.

Accomplishment of this policy has yielded considerable results in terms of gearing up significant industrial participation in the space programme through provision of various products and services by industry relevant to applications involving space systems such as satellites, communications, broadcasting, meteorological services and geospatial information services, as well as the technology transfer from ISRO.

The technology transfer mechanism established during early eighties enables licensing of know-how from various ISRO centers for commercial exploitation. Over 290 technologies have been successfully transferred and productionised in industries in the fields of electronic and computer based systems, speciality polymer, chemicals and materials, electro optical instruments, mechanical equipments and ground systems related to satellite communications, broadcasting and meteorology. Industries in the large, medium and small scale sectors have largely been beneficiaries of the technology transfer scheme.

ISRO has executed over 270 consultancy projects in high technology areas to provide support to various industries.

Simultaneously, ISRO has been investing in developing a patent portfolio, which now consists of over 250 patents, 35 copyrights and 10 trademarks. Even in this area, while ISRO’s objective has been to safeguard the technologies developed in ISRO Centers, the approach has been turned towards enabling maximal commercial exploitation of such resources through suitable technology transfers or licensing schemes.