Friday, August 6, 2010


INSAT - 2E                                                                         Launch Date       03.04.1999

INSAT - 2E, the last of the INSAT -2 series of satellites built by ISRO, is a multi - purpose satellite for telecommunication, television broadcasting and meteorological services.

The very High Resolution Radiometer will operate in three spectral bands with 2 km resolution in visible band and 8km resolution in thermal infrared and water vapour bands. The water vapour band has been introduced in the INSAT system for the first time. In addition, INSAT - 2E will also carry a Charge Coupled Device Camera, again for the first time in the INSAT. This camera will also operate in three spectral bands - visible, near infrared and short wave infrared - providing a spatial resolution of 1 km.

Communication and Meteorology
Spacecraft Mass
·         2,550 Kg (Mass at Lift-off)
·         1150 Kg (Dry mass)
Launch date
03 April 1999
Launch site
French Guyana
Launch vehicle
Ariane – 42P
Geosynchronous (83 deg east longitude)