Tuesday, April 10, 2012

INSAT-2E Completes 13 years of Successful Operation

After 13 years of satisfactory service, INSAT-2E, the last of the five satellites in the INSAT-2 series, has successfully finished its mission life. INSAT-2E was built with a planned mission life of 12 years and continued to function beyond its mission life. Launched on April 3, 1999 by the European Ariane-5 launcher, INSAT-2E was located at 830 East longitudes in the geostationary orbit.

INSAT-2E carried 14 C-band and 5 lower extended C-band transponders for different communication services. The satellite also carried a Very High Resolution Radiometer and a Charge Coupled Device camera for meteorological observation.

It might be recalled that 11 communication transponders of 36 MHz bandwidth onboard INSAT-2E satellite were leased to International Telecommunication Satellite Organisation (INTELSAT), the first such lease from an Indian satellite. INSAT-2E was controlled from Master Control Facility at Hassan.